Friday, May 27, 2011

Krause House

Earlier today, I met up with my friend Brittany in Lincoln Square, a very cute neighborhood in Chicago, a little northwest of where I live.  After a nice lunch at Cafe Selmarie, where we both had the salmon club sandwich, we wandered around looking in some cute stores.  Brittany was looking for some inspiration for a friend's birthday gift, and we found some in a few stores along Lincoln Ave., including Enjoy, an Urban General Store.
            I was very pleased to stumble upon the Krause Music Store, which I had learned about this past year in my architecture history course.  It was Louis Sullivan's final commission.  It was finished in 1922, but recently restored in 2007 so that the facade we see today is how Sullivan designed it back in the early 20th century.   Too bad the natural lighting wasn't conducive to getting a really great picture!
            You will notice that the detailing in the stone is very typical of Sullivan's designs, reminding me a lot of the ironwork on the exterior of the Carson Pirie Scott building (see below), downtown, one of Sullivan's most famous buildings.  It's worth noting that these two designs were done about 20 years apart.  Not to say Sullivan was a "one trick pony," because if you see some of his other work, it can be vastly different, but he definitely had a style that he liked.
This is a picture I took back in 2005, when it was actually still Carson Pirie Scott, and Marshall Fields was just up the street.  Nostalgia!

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