Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Brad, from AutoCAD

            So after that (mini) flurry of posts about my trip, I've been on hiatus from blogging, because I was doing what the name of this blog implies: going to architecture school.  Yes, I started this past Monday.  Although classes and the semester don't officially start until Monday, August 22, all the 3 year Master of Architecture students have to do a 2 week "boot camp" program to get going/get on the same page/get the lead out, etc.
            It's been a very busy 4 days so far, and it already feels luxurious to be leaving the studio before 8:30 pm, or get home by 9 to have a microwave dinner out of a bag before settling in to a few more hours of computer work.  The work is hard, but my classmates seem like fun people so far.  And I'm super thankful that those students who studied architecture in undergrad are very willing to help little old me figure out some of these dang computer programs (new fangled machines!).
             It will be too complex to attempt to tell you what kind of assignments we've been doing, but I will tell you that I've spent the last 2.5 days or so poring over AutoCAD.  And here is the latest fruit of my labor:  I unknowingly created a little soldier man.  I doubt he is what the professors had in mind when they gave us this assignment, but I like him, and I think he will be my new mascot.
I like to call him AutoCAD Brad.

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