Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reliance Building continued

So the first half-semester (less, actually) of our Tech Class was spent researching our respective buildings (see earlier post) and then we set to work preparing to build, then building, large scale models of portions of our buildings.  Lauren and I designed a model that is 50" tall, 26" wide, and 16" deep, at a scale of 1 inch = 1 foot.  It is pretty big, and being built completely out of wood, it is also quite heavy.  We spent many hours together down in the wood shop, I dare say more than any other project team.  The facade ornament we laser cut onto bass wood panels, and we lucked out with finding some very appropriate-sized trim at Home Depot to signify the terra cotta molding.
           Among the class, we all started to joke about how we seemed to be making very architecturally significant cat condos.  While most people didn't have a use for their model post-semester, Lauren and I did think that, yes, it could be a cat condo, but it could also be a very nice bookcase.  So after the semester ended, I brought our model back to my place (with a lot of help from a very strong man) where it is now housing some of my (smaller) models, and some architecture books.

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